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It’s the way I am sharing my soul with the world!!


Hello friends! I am Megha. Welcome to Zest n Zeal and many thanks for stopping by. I worked as an engineer in a multi national company for few years. After getting married I moved to the States from India.

I really love doing DIYs, art and craft work, painting and cooking. And these days travelling a lot to beautiful places. One day sitting idle I thought of  telling people what I like and I am good at. Now here I am with my blog. This space is all about creating happiness and style everyday through homemade style.

On this blog I share easy and good DIY projects to decorate your home, recipes ,my travel experiences and bits of my life here in Arizona. So, If  you love being creative, travelling ,eating and cooking you are at the right place!!  

Come, lets make simple awesomely simple 🙂 🙂

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