“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is YOU.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Just imagine snowy mountains, great sand dunes and stream all in a row, backing each other and this view is then overlooked by the golden aspen fall trees. What?? got baffled ?? If not tell me how it looks to you. Bizarre!! isn’t it? Yesss I am serious and talking about America’s one of the national park ‘ The Great Sandunes’.

Located in Colorado,this park contains the tallest sand dunes in North America.

Unbelievable and spectacle landscape. PC: GoogleThis fall in October month we visited The Great San Dunes and it really was an incredibly fascinating sight. We could not witness the Medano creek as it flows from May till August nonetheless it was bizarre. For the creek flow click here.

Reaching The Great Sand Dunes:

Road to ‘The Great Sand Dunes’

From Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo, the most common route is south on I-25 to Walsenburg, west on US 160, north on State Highway 150. For a more mountainous drive from Denver (same mileage as the I-25 route), you may also take US 285 south, then State Highway 17 south, then County Lane 6 east from Mosca. For directions and details click here.

We were coming from Aspen, so it took us 4 hours to reach the place. And to add to the journey, road was all straight with no scenic view and no other vehicle on the road. I guess we were the only ones going there. A complete boring drive it was.

Things to do:

There are a lot of things to do but what I saw was sand boarding and sand surfing. Apart from this you have options like splashing in Medano creek( if its present), horseback riding, hunting, ranger programs, camping and visitor center.

You can also experience the night. They have special programs for it. For planing night experience check.

Distant view of the sand dunes from the visitor center.

We reached there at 4:00Pm  by that time weather was bit cold. Also in fall season temperature drops a lot so this was expected. The moment we reached there it was like both sunny and cloudy. Our plan was to watch the sunset as people say that you will see the most beautiful sunset of your life here. But because of cloudy weather we could barely see the sun. So, that was the little flop of what we decided. 


Yet we walked up to the possible height, clicked beautiful pictures and came back. We paid 20$ ticket as the entry and parking fee.

Sand dunes shadowed by the clouds.

If you are visiting in summers make sure you visit either during mornings or evenings as afternoons can be very hot. Sand temperature reaches to 150 F which can it very difficult for you and your pet.

We visited in October 1st week and weather was cold. Everyone was heading towards sand dunes either barefoot or in socks. No one was wearing shoes. But you cannot choose this option in summers.

When we were heading back we saw the beautiful aspen trees. My overall experience of the place was really good . I wish we could have witnessed the sunset.

Let me know about the post and you experience and plans for the place by posting in comment section.

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