Wapama Falls

Hello! my lovely blogger family:) I really hope you all are doing tremendous. Today I am here with an impressive, refreshing, humongous and majestic waterfall trail ‘The Wapama Falls’.

LocationHetch Hetchy ValleyYosemite National ParkTuolumneCountyCaliforniaUnited States

Wapama Falls is “an amazing exact counterpart of the great Yosemite Valley“. It’s larger from the two waterfalls located in Yosemite National Park.

Why Visit Wapama Falls?  Giving you a small teaser about the story, If you’ve never taken a shower with your clothes on, cross the bridges when the fall is splashing on you, and  I bet you’ll never have to wonder about that particular experience again. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you will definitely experience impressive and awestruck views of the valley and lake on the journey.

Still not convinced then check this 

Reaching Wapama Falls:

Turn North for CA 120 onto Evergreen Road This junction is located 1.1 miles west of the Yosemite entrance station at Big Oak Flat and 22. 5 miles east of Groveland.

About the Trail:

Wapama Falls Trail is a 4.6 miles heavily trafficked out and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from April until October.

It flows almost year-round. During peak flow, it has been known to engulf the trail bridge with its milky white water crossing its base, making the falls impossible to pass and adventurous. And I visited the season when the flow was at its peak. Such a great fun it was to cross the inundate bridge. I am still in its hangover.

Best Time to Visit:

In the spring, when there’s lots of water pouring over the falls. Though if you’re too early, there can be so much water that the trail is impassable. But for the best experience plan the the trip in spring season.

Virtual tour to Wapama Falls:

The first view you will encounter is the humongous rocks surrounding the valley.

The moment you walk down the road you witness this beautiful massive beauty.

As you go down you will see dam at Hetch hetchy reservoir.

Distant view of Hetch Hetchy water system ending up in a cave.

Other side wall of the Hetch hetchy dam

Crossing the dark cave you enter the trail path always surrounding with the alluring views.

This trail is all good for kids, hiking, walking and no dogs.

The lake accompanies you for the full hike journey. Who cares about the destination when journey is leaving you awestruck. Guys I have really became a big fan of this place, any day I am ready to pack my bags and go for this again.







Beautiful flora blooming in the valley as it was spring time. You can also experience some wildlife also. We met a little bunny and some lizards( I don’t know their names)

When you are done with the lake view get ready to be mesmerized by the beautiful path way which will lead you to the awesomeness you have been thriving for.

Do tell me in the comment section how much you like the pathways?? I am still in love with these rocky roads.

My tired man resting on the rock 😀

Doesn’t it seem like road is ending in this big lake??!!! Guys get ready for the *TADAAA!!* moment. Coming is the beautiful waterfall washing the bridge.

Bridge that has continuously been washed off by the falls and gets impassable.

This one is my all time favorite picture <3 <3

I gave below picture for Sunday photography challenge by Terri for Twin theme.

Panoramic view where two ends of the bridge are shot.

I really hope that you enjoyed the post as much as I do. Remember to add this to your bucket list next spring.

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