Oregon Coast line, beautiful, peaceful, tranquil, composed. You literally can be short of words describing the beauty of sea, almighty has blessed. I don’t know if its the place or its me who feel so lost into enthrallment of oceans. I must say salt water fills life in you, brings you back. It’s best recreation for my body and soul.

By now you might have understood what this post is all about. Yeahhhhh, it’s oceans, beaches and beautiful drive to Oregon coastal line. This is a bit late post from my trip. I really don’t know what I’m doing these days. Getting lazy day by day šŸ™ . I think I need to plan another vacation *eyes sparkling*. I just forgot to ask you “how are you doing?:)”

Come friends lets drive through the coast line. Happy reading!!

Oregon Coast line Map

Here in Oregon we donā€™t call the beach the beach; we call it the Coast. And our coast is lined with hiking trails, lighthouses and some of the best golf courses in the world. But of all the wonderful things about our Coast, the best is that all 363 miles are free and open for all of us. Thatā€™s why the Oregon Coast is one of the 7 wonders of Oregon.

–Ā Emily Forsha

Florence, Oregon Coast

We started from Eugene and for the coastal drive we decided to stop inĀ YatchatsĀ for Thor’s well. On drive we took a little detourĀ to Florence.

Florence Oregon Coast

Florence Oregon coastline spruced up with pebbles and the Light House

Yachats, Oregon Coast

There are 36 miles fromĀ FlorenceĀ to YachatsĀ by car, following the US-101 routeĀ if you drive non-stop. Crossing over the bridge you will reach the beautiful pathway to witness the serenity of sea and sky.

Beautiful bridge running along the coastline to Yachats

View of the Pacific ocean from Yachats on the central Oregon Coast in Lincoln County.

Don’t forget to witness Thor’s well here. There are well defined stairs to hike down and get to the sea. You can go down and watch Thor’s well. Be careful as you go down becauseĀ  it is bit dangerous if you wont be attentive.

Picture Courtesy Google

Seal Rock, Oregon Coast

Seal Rock State Park Oregon

From Yachats to Seal Rock State Park it’s 13.6 mi on US 101 route. Seal Rock State Park is largeĀ off-shore rock formations which are the habitat of seals, sea lions, sea birds and other marine life. I din’t any of seals and sea lions or may be my eyes couldn’t catch them:(

Giant Elephant rock at the state park.

Pacific ocean view from the state park.

Newport, Oregon Coast

Turquoise blue escapade to the Pacific view at Newport, Oregon Coast

From Seal Rock state park our next stop was Newport which is just 10 mi by car. And this one’s personally my favorite. Here water was so turquoise blue which just added the cherry on the cake to the view.

Here apart from the beach you haveĀ Yaquina Head LighthouseĀ to behold. Currently this is not being used. This light house has been featured inĀ Film and television locations.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The lighthouse was used as the setting for the “Moesko Island Lighthouse” in the 2002 filmĀ The Ring. It had already appeared in an earlier film,Ā HystericalĀ (1983), andĀ The Nancy Drew MysteriesĀ 1977 television series episode “The Mystery of Pirate’s Cove”.

Depoe Bay, Oregon

From the Newport next stop was Depoe Bay which is 12.8 mi. This is also known as theĀ  ā€œWhale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coastā€. There is a resident pod of grey whales which makes its home off Depoe Bay from March through December. Visitors from everywhere come to whale watch. There is Whale watching Center also.

A huge sea wall runs the length of the downtown area which enables visitors to shop or dine always within view of the ocean. This is the only town on the entire coast with this amenity.

Pacific city, Oregon Coast

Last but definitely not the least our stop for the coast line was Pacific City.Ā Located in south Tillamook County, Pacific City is less than a two-hour drive from Portland, and even closer to Salem. So peaceful, calm and undisturbed this place is.

Haystack Rock at Pacific City, Oregon

Pacific City Beach, Oregon Coast

So friends, this was all I had about the Oregon Coast line. By far from the pictures you might have realized how calm , beautiful and untouched these beaches are. There is one more ‘Canon Beach’ which we couldn’t visit because of time limits. But I am sure that is as pretty or I would say prettier that these coasts.

Beautiful Oregon Seascapes

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