Hello!! Glories, I hope you are having a great day and how was your 4th of July’s celebration?? This is my very first post for ‘One Word Photo Challenge’  by Jennifer from ‘Tourmaline’.

Read more to find out ‘Tourmaline’s OWPC‘ this week’s theme.

Snow covered beauties at Lake Crater.

Above shot I captured at Lake Crater, Oregon. These beautiful trees there were just cherry on the cake. By far any guess whats the theme of the week??!!!!

If not check the below still. I am pretty sure you will get it.

Blooming Basil in my patio garden.

Yesssss!! You guess it right this week’s theme is ‘Plant’.

I hope you liked my shots for the theme. Please comment below and let me know. I love to read responses from my readers.

Have a great day beautiful people!!!

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Love and cheers,



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