The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.

 –Carrie Jones–

Hey Everyone! I hope y’all are doing great! Today is an exciting day for me as I’m feeling so responsible and contented  to be part of ‘Tag!Freedom” by Richa from Iscriblr. Big applaud to Richa‘ for this.

A wondrous blogger and inspiring writer with the moto to create positivity. Must say girl you are the one who really exhilirates me *Pat on your back* *clapping*. I love your blog, your writings, your thinking. Spread your magic all around!! Guys go and check her blog. You will find a lot on your plate.

About the Tag

Every week (Thursday) she will pick a topic, post photos or quotes or lyrics or a poem or an article about the “topic” and nominate 3 bloggers, who in turn will post about that topic (in whichever way they want) and nominate 3 bloggers of their own, spreading “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” far and wide.

Topic for Today: Freedom

Here’s my take on it


A small word with colossal and profound meaning. One who understands the meaning of freedom and is ready to accustom the real sense of freedom in life is the person who is ‘GROWING’ in a real manner.

According to Oxford what is freedom?? Power of act, speak or think with ones own will. Freedom should not be privileged, it’s ones right to have this. Just like eating, drinking, breathing.

‘Freedom to wisdom’

Everyday we are wearing what we want, eating, thinking, speaking and acting what we like. Thus it becomes a common thing. Do you ever wonder, how many countries in the world are there where freedom is just a privilege!! It’s big dismay to see that even today people are not liberated. People are to free to think, speak, act, wear and grow.

Freedom to Grow

Value your freedom because still in world people are not living the way you are living. Use your freedom to grow wise, to help others, to help yourself, to live happily.


1 Thank the Selector and do not forget to tag/create a “ping-back!”
2 Attach the tag photo.
3 Post about that topic (in whichever way you want – it could be a photo or a quote or a poem or an article)for the dedicated “Topic of the Day.” No rush!
4 Select 3 bloggers to take part in “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” Tag! Let’s spread some positivity around.

There you have it folks – a brand new “fun” tag that is all about free will and choice. Also, would love to hear about your feedback and thoughts around this attempt of mine – I am all ears, hit me up!

So folks! Care to do this? I tag – Rekha’s THE REKHA SAHAY CORNER!

Sim’s  Jollies & Jaunts   (And ANYONE else who would want to participate!) 

I hope you will enjoy this.

Love & cheers,


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