Water is the most perfect traveler because when it travels it becomes the path itself  ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

Hello Everyone!! How are you doing?? Today you will be reading about my visit to ‘Silver Falls State Park‘ from my ‘Oregon’ trip. Staying in Phoenix’s scorching heat I must say Oregon is so green , beautiful. Everywhere Columbia George, tall lush green trees, waterfalls, Mountains, lakes and beautiful  weather *and the TAX FREE state*. What else anyone wants!! I wish if some day I could shift there leaving Arizona. Anyhow lets begin about the place *opening curtains*

Trail of Ten Falls

Silver Falls are known as ‘Crown Jewel’ of the state park systems, is the trail of ten majestic beauty and boundless recreational opportunities.

Nestled in the foothills of Oregon’s cascade mountains and less than 45 mins east of state capital of Salem is the largest state park in Oregon and indeed one of the most popular too.

This state park was one of the planned places in my recent trip to Oregon. There are ten falls in the state park namely ‘South Falls, Drake Falls, Winter Falls, Lower South Falls, Middle North Falls, Double Falls, Lower North Falls, North Falls, Twin Falls, Upper North Falls’. Among these falls trails we were able to do only three of them because of short time and other planned activities for the day. We did South Falls, North Falls and Upper North Falls.

South Falls:

South Falls

Oh my my!! What a water fall it was. The famous South Falls is the hallmark of the state park. Where else you can walk behind a 177 foot waterfall under the narrow rocks? Most routes begin from South falls.

Trail behind the South Falls

The most interesting part was this narrow trail which goes behind the falls. Trail is all drizzly, muddy and narrow. One has to drop their heads to cross this.

North Falls:

After South Falls trail we went to North Falls. Its is an easy trail.

North falls also you can walk behind the falls. I visited in late springs and it was very cold there. So get yourself packed if you are visiting in springs.

Nature’s window to North falls

Here you can sit and watch the falls just like any cinema screen. Its so refreshing to watch the waterfall.

Upper North Falls:

After the North falls next trail is Upper North Falls which continues from the mid way of North falls trail. It’s a 65 ft. falls.

North Falls

he falls drop 65 feet in a broad curtain-style plunging fall, with a large pool below and several logs suspended from their root balls hanging over the cliff adjacent to (or in) the falls itself.

Day Activities:

The south falls day use area has spacious lawns, picnic shelters, playgrounds, volleyball net and charming silver creek. Because of this, it’s used for picnic spots and potlucks and even weddings too. You can find more about the park here.

So guys get yourself ready for the wonderful trail of ten falls each one as beautiful as other. If you have been here post your experiences below. I will love to read it.

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