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Yayyy It’s tulip time!!!

I was so eager to tell you about my visit to tulip festival. Finally I got time to share it with you all (Was I sooo busy!!!!) Anyways, Lets begin:) This one is really the most beautiful, vivid, astonishing, enticing, alluring, charming, fascinating sight of nature I experienced. Tulips really took me away with its beauty and serenity. I am really thinking to visit again..

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Located in  Woodburn, Northwest of Oregon is a sweep of 40 acres of stunning beautiful tulips,with all the vivid colors of flowers and everything else in the vicinity. Experience of expansive views of tulips blasting in the rows, distant mountains, and a few mud puddles is just magnificent.


Fresh flowers, food, and fun for the entire family, what else you want!!

From Portland to Woodburn it’s 41 min (32.6 mi) via I-5 S. For Ticket Information click here Your admission price includes Walking access to tulip fields, free child’s play area, tram and hay ride, wine tasting(12-5 pm) and garden parking.

Known as’Queen of night’ and often referred to as the black tulips because of its deep velvet maroon flower, this is one of the most popular tulips.

There is free Ham and Hay tractor transportation for guests to and from the main tulip field and the building. Also there is a short train ride out into the tulip field with a photo stop with  $5.00 per person.

‘Happy Generation’ tulip are Pure white petals brushed with and Ile De France red.

Ivory petals flamed in red and apple green is ‘Flaming Spring Green’. These ones were introduced in 1999.

‘Avignon’ grows in the shades of red and pink with a yellow base and thin faded yellow edge.

This one is the black parrot tulip and a very late dark maroon tulip. This one amazed me the most. You can also purchase flowers and order bulbs for yourself.

There is wooden shoe vineyard in the field. They offer their own estate grown vines. Admission to this includes 2 free tastes. Wine tasting is located next to tulip market.

Apart from the tulip gardens there is fun activity area for the kid. There they have ducky races, slide and tire swings. For additional costs they have bounce houses, zip line and ponies provided by Madjek.

Guys this place is worth visiting. If you are in Oregon and its spring time don’t miss this.

Share your comments below  about how you found my visit and I will be excited to read about your visit too. Don’t forget to share your links.

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