Welcome Everyone!!! Hoping you all are doing great. Today I am here to talk about reactions, stimulus, reflexes when world is not according to you, when people lashes at you, when things are out of control. Learn How to Respond!

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose that response. In our response lies our freedom and our growth. – Victor E. Frankl


Have you ever heard about concept called ‘SLEDGING‘ in cricket? Sledging is when the opponent team comes and abuses the batsman. Bad words!! they say about batsman, his team and try to distract them and take away their focus. On thing that master blaster ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ is adored for, in the history of cricket is that ‘Sledging has never bothered him.’ This man is cool!!

Are you cool in this game of life when people do sledging against you? Are you cool or you loose you cool? There will always be people who are out of control. Can you stop a guy from crticizing you? Can you stop a team from sledging against you. The answer is ‘NO‘. You can’t do nothing about it.

Its called things which are out of our control. People are out of control many times. Are Situations  in your control many times? NO The guy who is batting is expecting an in swing ball and he gets the in-swing ball. BUT one gush of wing and the ball is out-swing and the batsman is caught ‘OUT’. Thus lot of things, people and circumstances are out of our control.

And when things go wild, you know what happens with us? I will tell you. You must have seen a coca cola can and you must have seen how it foams out when shaken vigorously before opening the can. This is what happens to us when things are not in out control. The stimulus of the person sledging against, conspiring, envious of us, pulling us down makes us react and foam out! and we start reacting. Ever seen oxy cool water bottle opened after shaken vigorously? It stays calm.

So the question is ‘Would you like to be a soda can or a bottle of water?’  And thus, in our life we will always have a stimulus and we can choose to respond because between the stimulus and respond is our ‘Choices’. Great people are not born in maternity ward, a great personality is born by the choices he make. Therefore we have to learn to respond to all kind of stimuli.

But is it easy? NO . That is why being culturally is so important, being spiritual is so important in this age as you all are going to be successful.

Life is a gift and try to respond with grace and courtesy.

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