Don’t forget beautiful sunset needs cloudy skies : Paul Coelho

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Beautiful stories always start with wreckage

About the Picture

Clicked by iPhone 7 on my recent hiking at Pinnacle Peak Trail is perfect depiction of the beautiful “AFTERGLOW” when the sun sets.

Just living is not enough…One must have sunshine, freedom and a little wisdom to look at the things.

Alluring, fierce and braving, the life is when adorned by the challenges and ambitions. One must proudly continue the journey of life wearing all the scars of experience as the reflection of their strength and vitality they have striven through. Everything worse that  has happened to you doesn’t make your life ugly, its up to you to paint it with gold or struggle with gold. You can be a better person, learning with what you have been through.

Life gives you scars, wear them as a badge of honor!!

You are not beyond repair. Support yourself and Love yourself for that “AfterGlow” !


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Cheers & Love


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