Flavored Ice Cubes are a great and beautiful way to fancy up a pitcher of your favorite drink. Sounds interesting!! Trending on Pinterest these flavored ice cubes work great to add magic to your party.

Add subtle fruit flavor without adding calories or tons of sugar! Fun for kids and adults alike!

Come let’s dress up your drink 🙂


  • Water
  • Favorite fruits or edible flowers
  • Ice cube tray

Step 1

  • If you want a really pretty ice cube, and want to be able to see through it, you have to use filtered water. Boil the water first, let it cool completely, and then boil and let it cool completely again.(The silicone is perfect for popping these cubes out too!) They last longer in your drinks and you only need a few cubes to fill a glass.

Step 2

  • While water is boiling, cut down your favorite fruits or edible flowers(Make sure to clean them properly to remove pesticides).

Step 3

  • Add water to the ice cube tray followed by fruits and freeze it. Fill the glass with water or some fuit juice or your favorite drink and enjoy!!

These ice cubes works excellent in mojitos, juices , white wine spritzers, gin and tonics, lemonade, ginger and ice tea.


See how beautiful they turned out!! If you don’t love mint try adding basil for a more savory option. You can also dress up your party with the flower ice cubes . They really look great and gives a classy look to your preparations.

Have fun coming up with your own frozen favorites!!

Cheers & Love


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