Home is where your heart is and let your heart welcome your guests with the beautiful bursting flowers. I get so happy when I look at this flower wreath that too without spending a lot on it. It really makes my door look great and welcoming. You too can make flower wreath like this in just no more than 15 minutes.


  • Bunch of flower sticks
  • Wreath (twig or foam)
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Scissors

Starting from the choice of flowers, you can use any of the flower stems of your choice and color. I liked these pink ones as they appear to be vibrant and attractive. You may also choose flowers in contrast too. I got all the supplies from dollar tree. You can get variety of flowers and wreath from there.

First, you need to cut down flowers at least 4 inches down the stem so that they can be easily inserted in the wreath.

Start inserting flowers in the wreath. Make sure flower stem is fixed properly else they might fall off.

You can fully cover the wreath with the flowers or partially, like I have done. Making it denser or lighter all depends on your choice. Since it was for my patio door and its almost windy here so I preferred it to be lighter.

Lastly cut down the twine of the length you want and tie it to the top of wreath to create a loop to hang the wreath from, and we are done!!

So pretty and simple!!

Guys make your own flower wreath and share your pictures with me. If you want to give me any suggestions or tips post down there, you will be most welcomed.

Cheers & Love








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