Located in Nevada , Las Vegas is the place where money talks the loudest. Its appears the way you would have imagined the heaven looks like at night. Decorated with all the glitters and shimmers, it dazzles as if you are watching an ocean of lights. For the losers it’s the meanest place and for winners it’s the best place .

For celebrating my 26th birthday and the first one after marriage, my husband planned for the Las Vegas trip for 3 days and 3 nights. This trip was supposed to be a surprise. From the daily chores ,office work and meetings this was the best escape for the celebration.

Beforehand planning and research:

  • You should be aware of the thing that Vegas is really expensive on weekends and holidays . So, if you are planning to visit try it to be off weekends. Booking hotels and flights in advance can really help you save a lot. Thus, make a good research for hotels and flights in advance.
  • There are many websites available from where you can get hotels at a good price. Try to apply permutation and combination on your stay with hotels in spite of staying in the same hotel through out . This could help you saving few bucks.

  • Booking a suite or a room with strip view is worthless unless you are not going to spend ample of time in there. It’s advisable only if you are done with all the other activities and just there to relax( then why to spend extra bucks on this??)

Free passes for the parties:

  • Yeah, its true !! you can get free passes for the night clubs, pool parties and strip clubs. All you need to do is visit freevegasclubpasses signup and get passes according to your plan. You will get passes for Hakkasan, Tao, wet Republic, Ghostbar and many others for free (I too get these passes).

P.S:  Don’t forget to be there before time else you have to face long queues. Also follow their dress code ?

The Strip:

  • When it comes to Strip it becomes very irresistible and addicted as every next hotel you get in is just fabulous . Thus make a proper planning for this . You may end up with your full two days just nomadic on the strip.
  • Distance between hotels is much further that it appears. Though they seem to be adjacent but it really takes a long time to get in the other . Don’t get deceived by the distance . Do carry water bottle and sunscreen with you. Also make sure your shoes are pretty comfortable or you will soon end up in killing your feet. (Ladies! Save your heels for the parties)

Top view of Strip from Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

Panoramic view of The Strip from Paris’s Eiffel tower

Major Attractions:

The Bellagio:  

The enormous Bellagio’s fountain show which happens after every 15 mins is so stunning and will leave you spell bound. It’s all a free show. Do watch this fountain show from the top of The Paris’s Eiffel tower at least once.

The botanical garden in here is 14,000 square feet and it’s theme changes along with each passing season. Must pay your visit?

Bellagio’s botanical garden.

Similar to this you can watch free Volcano show at The Mirage and fountain show at The Wynn .

The New York New York:

Apart from viewing the architecture you can experience thrilling roller coaster ride which will literally take your breath away. It costs just  $15 .

New York New York Hotel & roller coaster

In here you will get good number of options for restaurants and buffet, ambiance will make you feel as if you are eating on New York streets.I really liked this place.

New York New York restaurants.

The Ceasers:

The massive sculptures ,columns , symbols, paintings and prestigious casino with the sense of life during the Roman Empires is spectacular .

Ceaser’s Palace fountain

Fountain Of God’s from The Ceasers

The Venetian & the Palazzo :

Entire Venetian is work of art. It uses Venice as its theme. You can enjoy gondola rides here .The waterfall and Love sign in Palazzo atrium are the highlights.

The Venitian’s shops and gondola rides.


Love sign and waterfall from The Palazzo.

 The Paris:

Beautiful imitation of Eiffel tower makes you feel that you are in Paris .Here you can visit at the top of tower for $22 and option for dinning is also available at the top restaurant . Top view of the Strip, Bellagio’s fountain show and Mirage’s volcano show is worth watching .

View from Bellagio’s Atrium

The Paris’s Eiffel tower.

Bellagio’s fountain show from top of Eiffel Tower.

The Stratosphere :

Stratosphere’s observation deck and thrill rides makes you pay your visit. You can get your tickets for visiting top and rides from the hotel itself .You might good deal from groupon too . The hotel charges some amount for visit the top of tower but if you are hotel’s guest you will be excluded with this fee.


Las Vegas is a gambling city . You can find every type of game in the casinos . Even if you don’t know gambling there are still some games for you . Roulette(I found the it the easiest one) & black jack are some easy games to understand and bet in . Every casino will provide you a free drink if you are betting in there . If you tip the cocktail waitress good they can be more welcoming and may offer you another drink .

Play wisely and don’t take too much of risk ?

Walk at Fremont Street:

It’s the most happening place in Downtown Las Vegas lined up with shops, famous hotels, casinos ,SlotZilla zip line and lot of “interesting people”. Viva Vision, the world’s largest video screen featuring free light show is magnificent. While Vegas is known for never turning off lights of hotels, buildings and casinos but when Viva Vision starts all the lights at Fremont are turned off. There are so much activities going on the street singing, dancing, painting, magic shows and various characters.

Aware of self parking fees:

Many hotels, shopping centers and attractions on the Strip offer giant free self-parking garages. However, MGM resorts does charge select parking fees at all its Strip resorts (Mandalay Bay, Delano, Luxor, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, New York-New York, Vdara, Aria, Bellagio, The Mirage and MGM Grand).Almost every hotel charges self parking fees. It doesn’t matter if you are staying there or not.Charges most likely are:

0 to 60 minutes: FREE
1 to 4 hours: $7
4 to 24 hours: $10
All parking fees are repeated each 24-hour period. Stratosphere doesn’t charge for the parking ?

Las Vegas Sign:

You should visit Las Vegas sign during the day time for good photos. Don’t wait for getting your photos clicked from the center as there will be a long queue waiting for it. From the side you can get a good click and will be much more quicker. I got mine from the side.

Las Vegas sign

Head to Hoover Dam:

It’s worth making a couple of side trips while in Vegas. Thirty-five miles south of the city, you’ll find Hoover Dam. The dam is a massive curved wall and the country’s largest reservoir, which was created by its construction. It attracts millions of people per year. Once you get to it, the dam is free to see but the visitor center costs $10.


Hoover Dam and the bridge.

Don’t forget to get your Souvenirs ?


Feel free to share your Las vegas experiences and tips . I will be more than happy to have them.

Will wait for your comments 🙂

Cheers & Love









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