Located in Northern California17-Mile Drive is a scenic road through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. It embraces the Pacific coastline and passes famous golf courses, mansions and scenic attractions, including the Lone Cypress,Bird Rock and Del Monte forest.

The breezy and romantic drive leads to the best scenic views along the pacific coast line and gets listed in the favorite memory of everyone who visits there. There is no such perfect spot because every next view you see you will be totally mesmerized by the nature’s beauty ,the majestic ocean, beautiful mansions, incredible golf courses.

Best time to Visit :

The best time to visit the 17-Mile Drive is fall or spring. During this time of the year sky is clearer and you can see more vivid colors of landscape. In summers, too morning fog can stay till after noon or even all day. For the best chance of clear sky, go in mid to late afternoon. I visited here in the first week of July and it was bit foggy as well as cold for the entire day. Carrying a jacket is must because as the sun sets it starts getting colder.

Reaching 17-Mile Drive :

17-Mile Drive or Pebble beach is almost 123 mi from San Francisco and 77 mi from San Jose. There are six ways to reach there. You can reach there by bus, shuttle, train, flight, uber or drive . Out of these driving is the cheapest. You can pick up rental car from the San Francisco airport and drive there.

No prior reservations are required for the visiting 17-Mile Drive. All you need is, paying toll at any one of the entry point. This toll is to get on the road and drive. Also, at the entry point you will get drive map to get along with you.

All the spots are listed down in the map you get from the entry point. There are 21 point of interests at the drive including golf courses, pacific coast line, lodges and equestrian center.

I have listed down the few I liked.

Spot#1 Spanish Bay:

We entered from the Pacific Grove gate and the first spot which hit us was the Spanish Bay. The Spanish explorer and his crew camped here while searching for Monterey Bay thus known by this name. This scenic spot is also a location for wandering around the shoreline.

Spanish Bay

Spot#2 The Restless Sea:

From this point, one can see turbulence generated by the submerged terrain of Point Joe.

The Restless Sea

Spot#3 Point Joe:

Point Joe

Spot#4 Bird Rock:

This spot is home for countless birds and harbor seals and sea lions.Because of  sea lions and seals it was bit smelly. You can hear roar of sea lions and seals far from the distance.

Bird Rock

Spot#5 Golf Courses:

The game of golf has been at its best at Pebble beach. Surrounded by enthralling neighborhood of seaside and Del Monte forest. Pebble beach has hosted five U.S. Open Championship, with a sixth one to be lined up in 2019.

Golf Course by sea side.

Spot#6 Cypress Point Lookout:

This point has been a preferred view of the dramatic view of Pacific coastline and was my favorite spot because of all the perfect colors of nature. Lush green grass, pink and yellow flowers , turquoise water and the sky making a perfect arrangement to sit down and relax.

Cypress Point Lookout

Make the most of your trip and take number of photographs.I must say that my trip to 17-mile drive was so refreshing and serene. Sitting in the lap of nature is so rejuvenating and beautiful that I am eagerly waiting to explore other such destination.

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